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Other Services

• Recall/Reminder Service
A recall system is available for repeat tests and ongoing medical services.
Patients have a responsibility to follow up their own test results. We advise patients to ring us and check if they need to discuss the results with their doctor. Patients are always encouraged to participate in decisions regarding their own health.

• Skin checks
Skin checks are offered by all of our doctors at Mount Compass Medical Centre. Dr Lokaj has a special interest in the treatment of skin cancer.

• Chronic disease
We actively promote preventative health measures at Mount Compass Medical Centre and provide General Practice Management Plans. Plans are written individually with the patient by the nurse and include goals for sustaining good health. If three service providers (or more) are suggested for good patient care, the patient is eligible for a team care arrangement. Five annual Medicare-subsidised ancillary care visits may be recommended, including podiatrist, dietitian, physiotherapist, etc.

• Womens' health
Our General Practitioners are experienced in a wide range of women's health issues including breast checks, PAP tests, implanon insertion and shared care of pregnancies.

• Iron infusion
An iron infusion is delivered via an intravenous line to increase the amount of iron a patient has in their blood. This is a good alternative where iron tablets are not tolerated.

• Venesection
Venesection is offered at our Centre for those who need it. The patient should also be in the care of a haemotologist.

• Q fever vaccination
Q fever vaccination is recommended for those who work with livestock and animals, particularly those in the dairying industry. There is a strict protocol to follow to ensure the vaccine is only given to those without previous exposure. Please ring the Medical Centre for further details.

• Arterial Blood Pressure Testing
This screening is recommended for people with diabetes, smokers, over-weight patients and those 60 years and over to detect circulation problems early, so that preventative measures may be considered. Please discuss this test with your doctor.

• Spirometry
Spirometry is a simple lung function test available to all smokers over the age of 35, as well as all patients with lung conditions including asthma. Lung function reaches a peak in the late 20s and follows a normal path of decline after that. Spirometry results are able to give medical staff an early indication of abnormal decline, so that measures can be implemented to prevent emphysema.

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