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We have three highly-trained and competent doctors working at the Mount Compass Medical Centre with a wide range of interests, experience and expertise and a good understanding of local issues.

Doctor/Patient relationships are important to us as we strive to offer continuous lifelong care for everyone. We encourage you to keep seeing the same doctor each visit where possible. Continuity of care is an important factor in getting to know and providing good medical care for our patients.

Dr Ahmet Lokaj
Dr Lokaj has been in General Practitice since 1987. He has worked at Mount Compass for the last five years and continues to provide medical services to our local community, utilising his International and Australian General Practice experience. Dr Lokaj enjoys working in paediatrics, emergency medicine and takes a special interest in the management of skin cancers. He is a very family-oriented man and enjoys spending time with his son at his football games on weekends.

Dr Lokaj is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Dr Vikki McLaughlin
Vikki arrived in South Australia in August 2012. Since then she has worked all over SA as a GP with an interest in Emergency Medicine. Prior to qualifying as a GP in Scotland she was a General and Vascular Surgeon. She especially enjoys health promotion and disease prevention. Her belief that 'prevention is better than cure' is central to her health management. She is also a qualified fitness instructor and keen figure bodybuilder. Keeping fit and healthy herself is a passion.

Dr McLaughlin is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Dr Kim Barua
Dr Barua has recently begun working at Mount Compass Medical Centre. He is interested in men's health and wholistic family care, as well as chronic disease. He is a staunch advocate for older people.

Dr Barua is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Dr Gavin Nimon

Dr Gavin Nimon is an excellent orthopaedic surgeon who consults at Mount Compass every four weeks. He has extensive experience in arthroscopic surgery and specialises in shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist and knee surgery. Please ring 8376 9988 to make appointments.


Mount Compass Medical Centre, Compass Central, 5/30 Victor Harbor Road, MOUNT COMPASS : for appointments please book online, or phone 8556 8365