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Where do I find the Mount Compass Medical Centre?
Mount Compass Medical Centre is conveniently located within the new Compass Central complex. Entry to the carpark is off Nangkita Road. (Click for map and directions)

Do you have an online appointment system?

Yes we do. It is easy and convenient for all of our patients to use. Simply click on the "Book Appointment" link and follow the prompts.

Can new patients to the practice book online?
We prefer new patients to phone the practice and speak to one of our friendly reception staff. After your first appointment, you can access the online appointment system.

Can I choose the doctor I want?
You can book appointments with the doctor of your choice. Mount Compass Medical Centre has both female and male doctors.

Does your surgery take new patients?
Yes, new patients are welcome. They will require a double consultation for their first appointment.

Do you immunise children at your surgery?
Yes we do. The child will need an appointment with the doctor and also a nurse.

How long are patients booked for a normal appointment?
Depending on the doctor, normal appointments are booked for 10-15 minutes duration. If you feel you will need longer than this, eg PAP smear, counselling, pre-employment medicals etc, please inform the reception staff when making your appointment so adequate time can be allocated.

What if I miss my appointment?
Wherever possible, it would be appreciated if you could ring us to let us know if you are not attending. A minimum of two hours notice is required so we can schedule other patients. In the first instance of missing an appointment, you will be issued with a warning. Subsequent missed appointments will attract a $35 fee that is NOT MEDICARE REBATEABLE.

Do I need a referral to see an allied health provider?
We have an on-site physiotherapist, dietitian, podiatrist, audiologist, remedial massage therapist, optometrist and psychologist operating from our centre. If you have private health cover, you do not need a GP referral.

I just need a script - do I have to make an appointment to see a doctor?
An appointment needs to be made for the doctor to assess the need for a prescription/referral.

I need a referral letter for my specialist - can I get it backdated?
Medicare rules prohibit the backdating of referral letters and as such, the doctors at this clinic WILL NOT issue backdated referral letters. In addition, we ask that an appointment be made in order for the need for a referral letter be assessed.

Do I need an appointment for my results?
Our doctors encourage patients to ring the next day to check if results are back. You will need to make an appointment to discuss these results with your doctor.

What is a General Practice Management Plan (GPMP)?
A GPMP is a treatment plan that you make with the nurse or doctor. This is an arrangement where information is shared with three providers eg GP, physio, optometrist to coordinate your care. You are then eligible for five visits every calendar year.

Mount Compass Medical Centre, Compass Central, 5/30 Victor Harbor Road, MOUNT COMPASS : for appointments please book online, or phone 8556 8365